WordPress SEO: Get The Basics To Increase Traffic Today

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Website And Blog Design | 25 comments

Basic WordPress SEO to increase your traffic starting today.

A lot of business owners are intimidated by SEO. For a long time, I was one of them. That is until I started to actually try and learn it. I am by no means an expert or guru in the art of SEO but I can help you at least get started on the right foot.

Just a fair warning this post is geared toward WordPress.org users. If you’re not using WordPress I highly suggest you give it a try. Mainly because it’s easy to use and WordPress has done an ah-ma-zing job with making their users already pretty SEO ready.

What is SEO?

I know you are probably sitting there going “What is SEO?” Well, it’s an acronym coined by the evil geniuses that run the world of search engines. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

“I already knew that Misty, but WHAT is it?”

Well…I could sit here and give you some long technical answer to what it really is using words like algorithms and organic search results but to make it easy to digest…

SEO is all the “stuff” you do to your site so that Google will put on the first page of their results versus page 50.

Why Do You Need SEO?

This is easier to answer. If you don’t use SEO for your website you won’t show up when someone is searching for your products and services. And you want to show up. Preferably on the first page if not the first spot.

You can, if you are so willing, spend a fortune to secure first-page placement but I think it’s worth the saving to try it the good ole fashion way.

So now that we have the basics of what SEO is and why you need it let’s talk about some simple and easy ways to help your WordPress site rank higher.

Basic WordPress SEO

These first three steps are best done before you start building your actual site, but don’t worry if you already have a WordPress site and maybe skipped these steps. Nothing is irreversible. Don’t panic.

So login to WordPress.

Done? Good. Look at the menu that runs down the left side of your welcome screen. Down little ways, you’re going to see an option that says “Settings”. Click it.

General Setting

Once you click the setting menu it will take you the general setting page. So far everything is pretty easy, right?

Now this page has a couple things we are going to look at and or tweak to get your SEO going.

WordPress General setting to increase SEO and ranbk higher in the search engines.

Site Title

This is the title of your website. This, of course, should be your business name but it’s also a great place to add a few important keywords. When you add keywords to your site title it gives Google a chance to see what your site is all about.

Example: John Doe / Wedding Photography Dallas Texas or Jane’s Cakes / Delicious Cakes & Confections For Your Next Special Occasion

Simple enough right? You just want to make sure you use keywords that your clients will be using to find you. Be straightforward and don’t go overboard.


If your business already has a tagline great! Put it here. If not you can create one using the some of your most important keywords.

Example: Wedding Photos That Last A Lifetime (yes, cheesy but you get the point)

The more places you can add your main keywords the better, especially if you’re just starting out. You want Google to know exactly what you offer so it will serve your site up to your perfect audience on a silver platter.

That’s it for the general setting so go ahead and save you new setting. Then navigate your way back to the main setting menu and choose the Reading option.


This step is probably the most important step. Once the “Reading” settings page appears on your screen scroll down till you see the “Search Engine Visibility” heading. Double check and make sure the check box is NOT checked.

WordPress SEO search engine visability settings.

If it is checked… uncheck it now. This is super important because if that box is checked the search engines will never find your website no matter how much SEO you do. It’s essentially like Harry Potter putting on the invisibility cloak.

Of course, if you don’t want Google to find your website you could check this box and move on. But if your goal is to make money and find leads make sure that it’s nnot checked.

If you did have to make a change in this section make sure you save them. Always save your changes.

Now we are going to go back to the main settings menu and this time you’re going to choose “Permalinks”.


If you don’t know what a permalink is I’ll give you the lowdown skinny.

A permalink is a link to an exact page in your website. Here’s an example for you to get an idea of exactly what it is and what it should look like.

http://andersoncreativeco.com is my websites URL (takes you to my home page).

https://andersoncreativeco.com/8-reasons-your-small-business-needs-a-blog/ is the permalink to my blog post on the 8 reasons a small business needs a blog (go ahead and check it out you know you want to).

It’s important that you choose a permalink structure that makes it easy for your audience to know what they are about to get into. It also helps you rank higher in the search engines because your permalink should include, you guessed it, keywords.

Really the easiest and most effective way to make sure your permalinks are optimized is just choose the “Post Title” radio button. When you choose this what ever you title your blog post or page will automatically become your permalink.

WordPress SEO Permalink settings

Moving on from our WordPress settings menu let’s talk about some of the other ways you can SEO your WordPress site. Remember these are all things you can do on your own without having to pay to show up at the top of the result. You also don’t need any special skills or tools to do these things.


Content is king. No matter who you talk to they will all tell you your content is what is going to bring in your audience.

So when you sit down to write your blog posts or the content for your services page remember to include keyword and keyword phrases. If you don’t know where to find these key ingredients to your SEO recipe you can use the Google Keyword Tool. You’ll need to sign up for a Google AdWords account but don’t worry it won’t cost you a dime.

Word of caution when writing your content… Do NOT stuff your writing full of keywords just so you please the Google bots. Remember real people will need to read your website and blog posts so write your content for them, not Google. Include keywords but don’t go overboard or you’ll turn readers off and they won’t stick to your site. And what good would that do you?

Internal Links

This one is pretty easy as long as you make it a habit.

Internal linking is adding links to other content on your site. In this post alone I will have provided 4 total internal links. The two I gave as an example in the “Permalinks” section and two more located at the bottom of the post under the “More To Love” section.

It’s not just a good practice for your SEO but it’s also helpful to your readers. And as much as I want to please the Google bots I’d rather please you guys by giving an easy way to find more relevant content.

Images & Graphics SEO

I see a lot of first-time website builders skip this step so I want to make sure you don’t forget it.

Have you ever wondered how Google knows that a picture of a dog is actually a picture of a dog? It’s not because someone is looking at every picture uploaded to every website all across the globe. Nope, Google doesn’t have time for that. Instead they use alt text inputted by the website builder (that’s you or your designer).

Using these tags also allow the visually challenged to “see” what’s on your website.

When you upload an image or graphic to WordPress you are given a few boxes to the right that you’ll want to fill in (see the screen shot below).

WordPress SEO Image alt text, description, caption, and title settings


This is where you will add the title to your image. If you have been saving your images and graphics with great specific file names you won’t have to worry about this too much. If by chance you’ve been saving them as image1.jpg or image2.png you’ll want to change the title of the image here.

Use descriptive words that describe what the image is. If you have a picture of a dog you might want to use breed info or link it the post content.


While not necessarily needed for great SEO it’s still a good idea to fill this in.

This part is pretty self-explanatory. This is the caption that will appear with your image on the page. My particular theme doesn’t use captions, so if you’re looking for them on my site you won’t find them. But for those of you who use a theme does use captions make sure the caption fits the image.

If you need help with ideas for catchy captions check out your local newspaper website. They caption just about every picture on their site that is related to an article.

Alt Text

This is the most important part of image optimization basics. This is the information Google “reads” when it’s bots are crawling your website. This is what is read to blind people when they go to your site. And if you didn’t know this is the information that shows up when someone “pins” your image to Pinterest (More on this another day).

This spot is perfect for a description that is short sweet and to the point. Don’t cram a bunch of keywords in this space. Make it descriptive and keyword friendly but don’t overdo it. I generally use alt text that describes what my post is about and I always use my main keyword or phrase in my alt text.

Install An SEO Plugin

So the last thing I want to talk about isn’t something you have to do but it is something that I highly recommend you do to help with your SEO efforts and that is to install an SEO plugin.

There are a lot of SEO plugins out there for you to choose from Yoast, in my opinion, is the end-all-be-all of WordPress SEO plugins. It has literally saved my biscuits multiple times.

To install the Yoast plug in navigate to your Plugins section of your dashboard menu. At the top, you’ll hit the “add new” button. In the search bar on the right-hand side of the page type in Yoast SEO.

Installing Yoast SEO for WordPress

Once it brings up your results hit the “Install Now” button. The button will change to bright blue and say activate once the plugin has been installed . Click that and it will take you to your plugin page. Easy Cheesy Peasy.

I’m not going to walk you through every setting there is in the Yoast plugin in this post. That would just be too much so I will write a post all about Yoast SEO to give you a more in depth loo at all it can do for you. But to get you started with using it in the meantime I’ll show some of the great features you can use for your basic WordPress SEO.

When you create a new page or post in WordPress your Yoast plugin will give you some options to add some extra special SEO to your site.

SEO Title

To see this part of you’ll want to hit the “edit snippet” button. Your SEO title is the title that appears when Google brings up your page in their search results.

As you type in your SEO title you will see two things happening. First, your snippet preview will change to what ever you type. Second, the bar under the SEO title section will change colors. Green is good y’all!!

Use a title that describes your post or page but also includes your main keyword (more on this in a sec.)


Yoast also allows you to edit the snippet or description of the page. This is yet another great opportunity to use keywords and keyword phrases your audience will more than likely use to find this page.

Again, Yoast has given you a nice visual indication for when you’ve got a good SEO snippet. Green is good y’all.

Yoast SEO settings for WordPress website and blog

Focus Keyword

The last part of this section is choosing your focus keyword or phrase. You can use Google’s Keyword planner to help you. If you’ve written a good SEO title and snippet then your keyword should be easy. You want to make sure the keyword you choose for this section appears in your title and in your snippet. This keyword or keyword phrase should also appear in your blog post or page content.

If you’re ever in doubt about your SEO, either your keyword choice or content, Yoast has a nice little analysis section. This section will give you a break down of ways to improve the SEO around your keyword and also in your content.

Yoast has a lot more features and benefits but to save your sanity I’ll save them for a post just about the Yoast SEO plugin.

How was that? Not too bad I hope. You should now be able to go forth and start to conquer the world of SEO.

Do you have any other questions about SEO? If so leave them below in the comments. And if you like this post and found it helpful share it with your friends.


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  1. Becca

    Super helpful! My blog up on one tab, your article on the other, toggling back and forth. Thank you!

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      You’re welcome!! I’m glad it could help you. I’m going to write a more in-depth post on Yoast SEO here soon because I mean it’s truly amazing!! But this should get you started out and make a little difference.

  2. Lynn Wooss

    These are some great tips! I’m still trying to master SEO.

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      I think we are all trying to still master SEO. It’s one of those ever changing things we know we need but sometimes just can’t spend time on.

  3. Rachel

    These are super great tips! I went through all of them and am actually doing better on SEO than I thought I was!

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      Yay!! That makes me so happy!! SEO is a tricky thing to get right.

  4. Cathy McIntosh

    Great post! I’m new to WP and was doing some of this but not all. Thanks for a great, informative article!

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      I’m so glad you found it helpful! These just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. I plan on giving you all some more.

  5. Brenda

    Great post! I feel like my SEO is pretty good, but I usually only get about 1 referral from google a day. I hope that changes as I blog longer! I definitely have to go back and add alt text to my images. Do you use the free Yoast or premium?

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      Yes, I use the free Yoast SEO plugin. And the longer you blog the more Google will “like” your site. Just keep using keyword and phrases in your posts and keep promoting them. It can take some time to build organic traffic but all the work you put it will be worth it.

  6. Julia

    This is such a useful post for me!! I am so lost when it comes to SEO and this broke it down so well for me!!

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      YAY!! I tried really hard not to get too technical on y’all.I am so happy that it helped you.

  7. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome

    AHHH! This is such an incredibly helpful post to a new blogger. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share this important information – I SO appreciate it 🙂

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      It was my pleasure. I know I struggle with SEO so any tips I have I’m going to be sharing on the blog. If I can help even one person get better results then I’ve done my job.

  8. Kate

    Should the post title and SEO title be the same? I find myself wanting more “creative” titles for my posts and giving them different SEO titles with keywords in Yoast SEO. Is this something I should avoid? Thank you for the tips!

  9. Mistle

    Loved this post!! SEO is so huge for any blogger or business owner! I too at first was intimidated by it but now I have gotten the swing of things.

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      That’s great!! Being comfortable with SEO is half the battle. There’s a learning curve for anyone but it just takes practice.

  10. Kristine

    Great tips!!! SEO is a tricky thing but you’ve nailed it with all these tips.

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      I’m so glad you think so! SEO is definitely a trickster.

  11. Juli

    Thanks for this list. I have been wondering if I need to do more grunt work on SEO, but I actually do all of the things you listed, so apparently I just need time and promotion! Good to know.

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      Wonderful! SEO can take a lot of time to really start seeing good results. The sooner you start doing the better.

  12. Dawn Solich

    Such great information. I’m intimidated by all of the SEO rules, but I’m inspired to tackle it after reading this!

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      That’s great to hear Dawn! SEO is so important but can be so intimidating. Just making some small changes can really help get your site moving in the right direction.

  13. Stephanie Foster

    That’s some good advice. Yoast is one of the plugins I make sure gets installed anytime I start a site. It’s a good way to spot places to improve the SEO of a post.

    • AndersonCreativeCo

      Yoast is a must have for any WordPress blog for sure. I install it on every client’s site. I cannot imagine what I would do with out it.


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